Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

We ship Modafinil to The 🇺🇸US, 🇨🇦Canada, 🇬🇧UK & 🇦🇺Australia

Welcome to, where we believe that everyone deserves to feel their best. We offer a wide selection of modafinil products and welcome customers from all over the world. We ship internationally to every corner of the world, including the United States and Australia. Depending on stock availability we are happy to offer US domestic shipping via USPS Priority Mail Express (4/6 days or even next day).

UK to UK delivery via Royal Mail (3-4 days), and EU shipping from an EU country, Singapore, or from the UK.

We understand that you are excited to receive your order, and we are just as excited to send it. We take pride in our attention to detail, which is why we ship from our warehouses in UK, a member of the European Union Customs Union, so that your package can be delivered without any Hassel.

However, if your delivery failed because of customs seizures or raised duties (VAT), please contact our support and we will reship your package from our backup location free of charge.

We know that you care about the quality of your purchases, and we do too. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting our shipping process to ensure that each package arrives in the best condition possible.

We know that shipping can be a stressful process, and we want to do everything in our power to make it as smooth as possible.

Shipping and delivery times can be unpredictable. We strive to send packages that are well-packed, minimize re-shipping fees and ensure safe transit through the postal system—not necessarily those that reach their destination fastest.

If your order is held up for more than 15 days, we will reship it at no charge to you. If this happens, please contact us so we can sort things out and you get your product as soon as possible. All packages are shipped in nondescript boxes so no one can tell what’s inside by looking at them! discreet packaging and they may not be returned to sender.

Our Policy

Shipping policy

Order Confirmation

Once your order is authorized and verified, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us. Your order will be shipped once we have received payment for the item and verified your shipping address. We begin preparing your order immediately after it is verified, so please make sure that the shipping address listed during checkout is accurate. Once we have authorized your order and confirmed its accuracy, you will receive an email confirmation from us.

Shipping policy

Processing Time

We always do our best to make sure the items get delivered to our customers as quickly as possible. But, sometimes things can go wrong. Items ordered from are shipped from warehouses located across the globe. We ship all orders via different delivery partners, and can usually deliver within 8-15 business days depending on your location and shipping method selected. Please note that it may take longer than expected due to invalid address, customs clearance procedures or any other issues. If you would like further information about delivery times please contact us back.

Shipping Policy

Shipping Method

We use the fastest shipping option available. We ship mainly from our UK-based locations and also from India using Express Mail Service (EMS). The EMS is fast, but may require your signature. Registered Airmail is the safest, most secure shipping method. It’s a bit slower than other methods, but it’s worth with knowing your package is protected. Registered Airmail does not require a signature upon delivery.

Shipping Policy

Delivery & Shipping Time

We ship worldwide, The delivery time depends on the destination country, but usually takes 7 to 12 business days for orders from the USA, the UK, and Australia. For Standard shipping, it takes 10 to 18 business days. Most of the time It is difficult to predict when an order will be delivered, because of delays at customs (mostly US ports), cargo flights, etc.

Shipping Policy

Order Tracking

Tracking your order is easy! Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email (Normally, within 48 hours). You can track your package by visiting the website and entering your tracking number. Orders shipped with either the Express and Registered Airmail shipping options usually don’t update their tracking information until they reach your country’s first port.

Shipping Policy

Customs Clearance

We know how important it is for you to receive your packages in a timely manner Clearance at customs is a necessary procedure for all the goods crossing a border between countries. It usually takes 2 – 3 days but sometimes may take up to 7 business days If your package is delayed by customs, please note that the total delivery time equals the shipping time plus a reasonable amount of time for clearance. In this case, if you have not received your order after 15 working days from payment confirmation, kindly get in touch with our customer service team.

Shipping FAQ ?

Shipping modafinil to the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom is covered with a 100% delivery guarantee. We offer free standard shipping for orders over $150.

If you want your package to arrive more quickly, we offer express shipping. Express orders placed will ship the same day and be delivered in just Five or Six days. Some packages may take longer depending on where they are being sent and what time of year it is—packages shipped during the holidays often experience delays caused by higher volume at postal facilities around the world!

Modafinil shipping to customers in EU countries requires additional expenses on our part, such as European-based warehouses, customs tax when importing prescription drugs into the EU area, and more staff. Due to these reasons, modafinil prices for the UK and Europe are 35-50% higher than those in the US (for domestic Royal Mail shipping). Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer free shipping nor any discounts on EU orders.

What Will My Package Look Like?

Your package will come in a plain box or padded envelope. We never disclose any information about your order, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected.
Concerning customs declaration attached to your parcel, we must attach it to the package, the law requires it. For most products, a declaration to customs that the goods are for personal use is enough. We label all of our products as health supplements and have never encountered problems when shipping internationally. However, if there were ever any issues with your shipment’s arrival at its destination we would issue you a full refund no questions asked

We Accept

Shipping policy

Orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment. After your order has been shipped, we will send you a tracking number via email within 48 hours it will help you with tracking the order smoothly.

We offer our products and services through a secure payment gateway. All transactions are encrypted using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which ensures that your personal information is protected.

When you create an account with us, we ask for your name and address. We do not require any other personal information to complete a purchase, but you may choose to provide us with additional details such as your email address and phone number in order to register for our newsletter or receive product updates.

If you are operating using the U.S. banks, these banks do not allow transactions from overseas. If your card payment is declined, please kindly contact your card issuing bank asking to allow overseas transactions.

It’s risky to buy medicines online from illegal sources, because you can’t be sure of their efficacy or safety. The best way to ensure that the products you’re buying are legitimate is by purchasing them from well-established websites.

Important Note

Due to restrictions on payments for prescription drugs, payment processing gateways are located in The US,UK, and India. This is why PayPal can restrict such payments, as well. The additional fees up to 5% which may apply due to our processing banks likely charging your card in foreign currency (i.e. POUND, EUR and INR) will be added onto your order total.

Please note

That your recent purchase with us will appear on your credit card statement under a different merchant name. This means that you will not be able to see the name of anywhere on your statement, and if you need to contact us about this purchase, we can be reached via e-mail and call.

Please contact our customer service team as if you have any questions or concerns about this transaction. We will notify you that your payment has gone through successfully. To prevent accidental chargebacks, it is important to remember that the merchant name on your credit card statement will be different from the name of our company,

For every chargeback, we will ban your account from our community. If you receive wrong or damage product please contact us immediately and we will do every possible thing to correct it. If you accidentally made a chargeback request with your bank or credit card company and want to avoid getting banned from our community, please contact us immediately so that we can help resolve the issue.

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You’re in good hands with We provide a 100% delivery guarantee or full refunds, because we value your shopping experience.

We ship all parcels to all parts of the world except the listed ones on this site. Simply place your order, check out and we’ll take care of the rest. We know you’re busy, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy Meds from us. That’s why we’ve made our checkout process simple and seamless. Just a few clicks to checkout.

But we also want you to be satisfied with your purchase. So we offer 100% delivery guarantee or full refunds on all orders made through our store. If anything goes wrong with your order, whether it’s damaged or lost in transit, simply contact us and we’ll take care of everything.

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