(Bimat)Bimatoprost 0.03% Eye Drops 3ml


  • Brand: Ajanta Pharma Ltd
  • Type of Eyedrops: Allopathic
  • Bottle Size: 3ML
  • Usage/Application: Ocular Hypertension & Glaucoma.
  • Packaging Type: Pet Bottle
  • Storage: Store in a refrigerator (2 – 8°C). Do not freeze.

Bimatoprost is a prescription drug used to treat patients with not enough or inadequate eyelashes. Bimatoprost works by causing more lashes to grow and make them longer, thicker, and darker. It also may help thin eyelashes that are too thick or curly. Your doctor will tell you when to start using this medication and how much to use each day.

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Generic Latisse with Affordable Price

Bimatoprost is used to treat eyelashes and hence it is called Generic Latisse. Bimatoprost is an ophthalmic solution used to treat hypotrichosis or not enough eyelashes.

  •  Longer and thicker eyelashes
  •  Darker eyelashes
  •  Promote more lash growth

It is Used to reduce or enhance the thickness and length of the eyelashes, Latisse was approved by FDA the first FDA-approved treatment to grow lashes. The Main ingredient in Latisse is Bimatoprost

Although it’s a fantastic option for patients looking to improve their appearance with longer, thicker eyelashes

Thing To Know Before Using Latisse 0.03%

It’s used formerly daily in the affected eye( s), substantially in the evening. To help you flash back to use Bimatoprost, use it at around the same time daily. The operation directions are generally mentioned on your tradition marker. else, you can ask your croaker or druggist to explain your dubieties before use. It’s judicious to use the medicine only as specified by your croaker .

You would presumably be specified a low cure of Bimatoprost and gradationally increase your volume, not further than formerly every four weeks.

still, your croaker will presumably want you to have regular comprehensive eye examinations, If you use it for glaucoma. Your croaker will check your eyes regularly and determine if you should continue using this drug.

How to Apply Bimatoprost Topical

There are many easy ways to achieve beautiful eyelashes. Applying Bimatoprost topically, like any other procedure, requires thickness and perfection. Following the abecedarian criteria will affect incremental progress over time. To witness the full effect of your eyelash metamorphosis, take a” before” picture before beginning the treatment and continue to take Filmland every four weeks to track your development.

1. Before Applying

Before using Bimatoprost topical, insure that your hands and face are clean( wash them completely with cleaner and water), that your makeup and contact lenses are removed, and that any other facial care products have been used.

2. Get the Applicator Ready

Apply one drop of the solution to the area closest to the applicator’s tip, but not directly on the tip, while holding the sterile applicator horizontally. To avoid impurities, don’t let the tip of the vessel or Applicator come into contact with your fritters or anything else.

3. Using an applicator, apply to the skin.

Similar to applying liquid eyeliner, carefully trace the Applicator along the skin at the root of the upper eyelashes.

4. Clean Excess

Spot all redundant results with a towel beyond the eyelid, as the picture displays.

5. Throw away the Applicator.

After one operation, discard the Applicator. form these processes with the opposite eyelid, using a new sterile applicator to help reduce the possibility of impurity from one eyelid to the next. Always follow your croaker’s or druggist’s directions to achieve the best results.

How to use Bimatoprost ® eye drops
  • the bottle is only incompletely full to give optimal drop control.
  • Wash your hands first. cock your head back and gently move the lower eyelid down from the eye by pushing your cutlet on the skin beneath the lower eyelid. Place the medicine in this position. Close your eyes vocally by letting go of the eyelid. Keep your eyes closed. Close your eyes for 1 – 2 twinkles to allow the drug to be absorbed by the eye.
  • Remove any fat result with a clean towel, not touching the eye.
  • still, repeat the procedure with another drop, If you believe you didn’t duly fit the drop of drug into your eye.
  • After applying the eye drops, wash your hands well to get rid of any medication.
Side Effect of Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost’s most common side effects are itching or greenishness of the eyes and darkening of the eyelashes. These goods generally go down after many days.

  • Other possible side effects include
  • Dry eyes
  • Greenishness, burning, or surcharging of the eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Increased perceptivity to light
  • Eye vexation
  • Headache
  • Flu-like symptoms

Before ordering Bimatoprost online, bandy these side effects with your croaker to avoid unwanted surprises.

generic latisse costing

Numerous women want longer,thicker eyelashes. rather of clinging fake switches onto their real switches,numerous women use tradition eye drops to make their own switches longer. Latisse is one brand of tradition eyedrops used to grow your switches. A tradition for Latisse, which can be attained only through a healthcare provider costs about four bones per day. Prices vary regionally but the average cost of a 30- day force can bring roughly $ 168. Some healthcare providers offer abatements for ordering three- month or longer inventories.

FAQ About Bimatoprost

It is generally not recommended to use Bimatoprost if you have an active eye infection or inflammation. It is important to treat the underlying condition first and consult with your healthcare professional before using Bimatoprost

Yes, darkening of the eyelid skin (hyperpigmentation) can be a potential side effect of Bimatoprost. This typically occurs at the site where the medication is applied. If you notice significant or concerning changes in the color of your eyelid skin, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare professional

The use of Bimatoprost in individuals with a history of eye or eyelid surgery should be discussed with a healthcare professional. They can evaluate your specific medical condition and determine the appropriateness of using Bimatoprost in such cases.

If you have diabetes, it is important to inform your healthcare professional before using Bimatoprost. They can assess the potential risks and benefits and determine whether Bimatoprost is suitable for you based on your individual circumstances and overall health.

The use of Bimatoprost in individuals with active autoimmune eye diseases, such as uveitis or Sjogren’s syndrome, should be discussed with a healthcare professional. They can evaluate your specific medical condition and determine the appropriateness of using Bimatoprost in such cases

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