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  • (Bimat)Bimatoprost 0.03% Eye Drops 3ml

    • Brand: Ajanta Pharma Ltd
    • Type of Eyedrops: Allopathic
    • Bottle Size: 3ML
    • Usage/Application: Ocular Hypertension & Glaucoma.
    • Packaging Type: Pet Bottle
    • Storage: Store in a refrigerator (2 – 8°C). Do not freeze.

    Bimatoprost is a prescription drug used to treat patients with not enough or inadequate eyelashes. Bimatoprost works by causing more lashes to grow and make them longer, thicker, and darker. It also may help thin eyelashes that are too thick or curly. Your doctor will tell you when to start using this medication and how much to use each day.

  • Careprost Eye Drops 0.03%

    • Brand: Allergan
    • Bottle Size: 3ML
    • Usage/Application:  Ocular Hypertenstion and Eye Lash Growth
    • Active Ingredient: Bimatoprost
    • Tag: buy Careprost
    • Storage: Store in a refrigerator (2 – 8°C). Do not freeze.

    Active ingredient: Bimatoprost

    A lot of people have eyelashes problems. They are either too thin or too light, long and thick. The Careprost Eyelash Enhancer Serum is the solution to your problems. It is proven to be effective in improving eyelashes’ weak growth thanks to its 0.03% active. 

  • Lumigan 0.03% Eye Drops 3ml

    • Brand: Allergan
    • Bottle Size: 3ML
    • Usage/Application:  treatment of glaucoma 
    • Active Ingredient: Bimatoprost
    • Tag: buy lumigan
    • Storage: Store in a refrigerator (2 – 8°C). Do not freeze.

    The most-dispensed branded glaucoma medication on the market, LUMIGAN® 0.01% is the first and only FDA-approved daily nighttime eye drop to lower your IOP while you sleep, so you can wake up with less glaucoma damage.